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    The mobility revolution is in full swing and it is DISRUPTIVE! Unprecedented change and the democratization of mobility is being driven by technology, innovation and a number of unforeseen global events. At Future Velo, We have assembled a team of experienced industry veterans with a unique skill-set that helps our clients navigate the rapidly changing international mobility market.

    The Sharing Economy

    Bicycle, scooter and other forms of sharing will be the future foundation of the democratization of mobility. It has reached a tipping point with BILLIONS of dollars invested to date. As it moves forward, hybrid models will emerge. At Future Velo, we combine our technical understanding with our experience with many mobility tools that will incorporate share models to develop unique and sustainable solutions for our clients.

    Power Assisted Mobility Will Be Dominated by eBikes and eScooters

    Just as we have power steering in the automobile that makes steering easier, we also have Powered Assisted Mobility eBikes that make riding a bicycle more accessible and accepted by the masses. We have worked with some of the largest companies in this space and can assist you in business modeling, product development, supply chain management, communications integration and go to market strategy. We can assist you enter new markets and so much more.

    Future Mobility

    Understanding the past is an important part of looking into the future. We use our experience along with a variety of other techniques to guide our clients into the future of mobility. Unlike many management consulting companies, our team of innovative mobility thought leaders has global reach and insight that can help you expand your business into new markets.

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    Our teams collective history is the foundation of our value. 

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    Our mission is simple. Do what we can to get more people to Ride2X. 


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